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What to expect when you ShipYourRide with GARTHO LOGISTICS LLC

* Pop the "Home" icon above, once there,  hit the "Get Quote" button, and answer a few questions about your vehicle.

* I will check the rates for similar vehicles being shipped in your lane, then email the quote to you.

* If you like the quote, hit the "Get Started" button and fill in your address and phone number. Fill in the names, address' and phone numbers of the Origin and Destination. Be accurate here because this information is for the driver. Then submit it.(The driver will not see any sensitive info until he books it).  Once submitted, you will be asked to enter your Credit Card information and pay a Deposit.

* After I verify all information, the order will be sent out to all my preferred carriers, and will also be posted on the load boards for all carriers to see. This is where patience comes in. Most books within the 1st week, but it could take as long as 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the rate, and truck to load ratio. This is why it's so important to offer carriers a good rate, because the higher paying vehicles always move first.

* When a carrier calls wanting to book, I will check his safety rating with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) and call his insurance company to verify that he has adequate insurance coverage.

* If all looks good, I will assign the vehicle to the carrier. You will receive an email congratulating you of the dispatch. The origin contact will be notified to arrange pickup. Once the vehicle is picked up, the destination will be notified of a delivery date, and as driver gets closer to destination, he will be more able to narrow down a time for delivery. Unless other arrangements have been made, you will be responsible for paying the driver, at time of delivery,  with Cash, Money Order or Cashier's Check.