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Carrier Rates

ADD $100 FOR LOOSE PARTS WEIGHING between 100lbs - 200lbs then $50 for every 100lbs after that.

Carrier Rates are Market Driven. Therefore, Gartho Logistics determines what to offer Carriers by looking up rates that similar vehicles are being transported for in a particular lane. These numbers can range from .30 per mile to well over a dollar per mile, even as high as 3 to 4 dollars per mile, depending on many factors, including but not limited to, Type of Vehicle, Type of Trailer, Distance, Terrane, Route, Fuel Costs, Maintenance Costs and many other factors as well.

We take the low number and add it to the high number, then we split in half, and that gives us the average. Carriers will always take the higher paying vehicles first. It's always best to choose the higher side of average because these are the vehicles that Carriers want to haul.