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I spent 30 years in a truck dealing with Brokers and Broker Agents daily. If I learned only one thing in those 30 years, It would be, how NOT to treat my Clients and Carriers. You need to know if you are working with a Broker or a Broker’s Agent. There are far far more Agents than there are Brokers, so I would say the chances are very, very good that you are working with an Agent. Some Brokers have hundreds upon hundreds of Agents working for them. If you are working with an Agent, you now have two people between you and the Carrier, which means your shipping charges will divide three ways instead of 2. The Broker Agent’s job is to make money for the Brokerage, that’s it. Most Brokers require their Agents to make 100 cold calls per day to drum up business. No wonder you can’t get them on the phone, Most Agents aren’t concerned about the level of service you receive, he’s there to collect money for the Brokerage Firm. He will pay the Carrier as little as possible, which will leave more for him and the Broker. In the meantime, your vehicle is just sitting there waiting for that right driver to come alone, that needs to go home or see his girlfriend. Or for whatever reason, you are still waiting. Here at Gartho Logistics, I own this company, I am the Broker, and I have no Agents to feed. I work from home, so I have no office rent to pay. My annual bond and a few office supplies are all the overhead I have, and the best part for you is, I’m ALWAYS AVAILABLE. You work directly with me. The bottom line here is, I will treat you fairly, give you the best service possible, and charge you what the market dictates, not a penny more.

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